The Innovate for Growth Podcast Ep 020: ‘The Last Surviving Traditional Crafts & Trades of Hong Kong’ with Lindsay Varty, Founder & Author of Sunset Survivors

In a high tech, fast moving international city like Hong Kong, it's  easy to forget about the traditional crafts and trades that are surviving but often without any online presence. In this episode, I was excited to talk to Lindsay Varty, Founder & Author of Sunset Survivors, a coffee book documenting the human stories behind these fast disappearing quirky traditional businesses including a Bamboo Bird Cage Maker, a Letter Writer, a Paper Effigy Artist, a Villain Hitter and Fortune Teller. Lindsay herself has a fascinating background, having retired as a professional rugby player and became a published author regularly taking groups of tourists to visit all the people  she interviewed in her book as well as growing awareness for them via social media to preserve these important cultural heritage.

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